Working/Herding Stockdogs

Rescued Australian Cattle Dogs At Work

HCH Second Hand Rose, CGC, HX, HTD I, HRD II, OPs, STDS


Second Hand Rose putting sheep in a pen

Photo by Stephanie Govin-Matzat

cowboy shooting More cattle dogs added to the list 12/6/99

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We have all heard the saying someone's trash is someone else's treasure which is exactly what you are going to see here. These dogs have many names but the name most commonly used is throw away dogs. What you need to realize is that these dogs didn't arrived at their new family's home trained and ready to go to work. What many of them did arrive with was a natural herding instinct and a willingness to please.

The new owners of these dogs have spent many hours working with their dog starting with gaining their trust then taking obedience lessons and all the while working their way towards what you will see here, herding/working. You should also be aware that some dogs, due to their previous living condition, arrive with no trust for humans. This could very well take weeks and sometimes months for them to learn to trust you. So as you can see , if you are willing to take the time and really work with your rescue dog, you could very well have your dog doing what you see here.

Please note that it in not required that these dogs go into herding as they can become a loyal friend and protector in addition the many other things you could do with your dog. One thing with these cattle dogs is the need for their own human. Their main requirement is that as long as they can be with you they're happy. Because of this these dogs are some times called velcro dogs as they stick to you like glue.

If you or any of your friends have a rescue dog(s) that works or participates in any physical activity please send a photo by email or regular mail the dogs name and any titles they have won and we'll be happy to include it in this area. If you dog doesn't participate in a specific sport but is a happy dog I'll be glad to start a Happy Rescued Cattle Dog and Their Friends, cats, other dogs, etc., area. Just email me a picture or send it by regular mail to MacKenzie & Associates, P.O. Box 1941, Santa Rosa, CA 95402. If you would like your picture returned please send the money for postage.

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******* Please note that all names of the dogs are in red which is normally done just to the dogs that win a champion title in the show ring. In my book all these rescue dogs, that have worked hard with their owner to become what they are today, are champions.

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HCH Second Hand Rose, CGC, HX, OPs, HTD I, HRDII, STDS
Rose penning sheep

HCH Second Hand Rose, CGC, HX, OPs, HTD I, HRDII, STDS
Rose flanking sheep

Wiggles heeling steer

Wiggles heading steer

Black Stamp Carn Kookaburra, CGC, PT, TDI, HS
Koo driving a goat

Black Stamp Carn Kookaburra, CGC, PT, TDI, HS
Koo herding goats

Mischief,CGC, JHD, HI, STDcsd, HRDI
Mischief moving sheep,

Mischief, CGC,JHD, HI, STDcsd, HRDI
Mischief holding sheep

Kula Guarding Mom and her bike

Kula's best friend Goatiee

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