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Peter Kanaiya (
I am the owner of a small piece of land and have recently embarked on raising an alpine goat herd. I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation.

South Africa

William Swanopoel (
I would like some information about hydroponics farming. Interested in different design plans for green houses and equipment needed. Also looking for information on the following subjects under hydroponic conditions: tomatoes, peppers, english cucumbers, strawberries, and lettuce. I would really appreciate it if somebody will contact me with this information.

Pierre Du Plessis (
I live in Pretoria, South Africa, and the information is for my brother-in-law that is farming north of Pietersburg. I would like to find out what is the real cause of scab on potatoes and what is the newest or best, most economical treatment against it? Secondly, I would like to know if anybody who would like to import 100 ton Cow Beans. Many Thanks.

Yvonne Oberholtster (
We are going to start farming with raspberries and any useful information would be appreciated. We live in the Cape Town area of South Africa. We also have a small woodwork operation so anyone interested in marketing our products can contact me. Many thanks.

Hennie Pieters (
Currently have a farm in the Swellendam Area in the Western Cape South Africa. Cultivating Apricots, Pears and the South African wine variety known as Pinotage.Any body interested in taking up a share in the farm and maybe make our own wine and export the apricots and pears to European or Asian markets.

Gerdie Landman (
Our son will be finishing school at the end of 2001. We operate a family farm in South-Africa where we milk 700 Holstein cows. lChris is preparing for a career in agriculture and would like to get exposure on farms around the world. If you would like to send your son to us we could do a swop for the sake of experience of the sons? Regards from South-Africa.

West Africa

Neil Kadri (
Hello Friends, I am interested in cashew nut farming. I would like to make friends with other cashew growers especially with experience about Brazilian Cashew Seeds. Thanks.

Daniel Taylor (
gabon, central Africa I am a peace corps volunteer who implements a small agricultural project into my health education focus. I have had some success. Looking for corn seeds asap. I return in a few days. Any+leads?


Gonzalo Rodriguez+del Pozo (
I'm interested in Aloe Vera farming. I have a 30 ha farm with sandy soil and I need need help to find information to make a business plan for an Aloe Vera production start up.


Delena Brophy (
I am President of Rural Youth in Queensland and keen to gain info about encouraging young people to stay on farming ---- will be visiting UK, USA and Germany early 1997. I'mlooking for innovative ways to help future farmers sustain agricultural pursuits in adverse conditions. Government assistance programs to motivate farming as a livelihood. Keen to make contacts before my departure in 1997 for programs which may help.

Craig Midson (
I live in Australia in a place called Murrumbateman in NSW near Canberra - It's cold at the moment, with temperators ranging from -6 to 12 celcius and raining everyday. We propose to plant an acre (half a hectre) of raspberries in the next month as the winter will soon be over and the growing season will start in no time. There is little information here about the berry and I am looking far and wide for inspiration and information. Our plan is to put in a few more acres next year if all goes well. I need information on soil preparation, planting, irrigation, varieties to plant, pruning and maybe even export potential.

John Salmon (
I am a studmaster for a Poll Dorset Sheep stud in Gungal. I farm about 80 acres of natural pasture and run up to 150 breeder ewes and have a gene selection from about 18 rams. Over the last 6 years I have been doing a genetic buildup program to lower fat and increase size of the poll dorset. I am also doing a genetic program to drought and worm proof my flock (we have been in drought for 7 years). I also develop software for rural use.

Belinda Piccirillo (
I work for the Rural Counseling Service. We assist farmers with cashflow and budgeting help, liase between them and their financiers and generally provide other assistance when things get tough. We are interested in what other services around the world similar to ours do. Our main area of work deals with arid and semi-arid farming enterprises including sheep, cattle, wheat and some other cereal crops.

Matt Lewis ( or (
I am Australian with interests including cows, other farm animals and farm work.

Monique Hodgetts ( I am researching the benefits of asparagus farming in Northern Victoria, Australia. I would love to hear from any farmers who grow asparagus or olives. I would like to know the pros and cons of this type of farming.

Michael Hare (
Western Australia. Interested in hydroponics in cold countries around 45 Nth latitude. Structure design for snow loading operation.

Frans van Vugt (
26 August 1999 Hello, I am Frans. I am a student at the rural and water development school in the Netherlands. To fulfill my education for rural and water development. I am looking for a traineeship in Australia at a farm, irrigation company, a water/rural management company or water/rural project. My work placement is for the duration of four months, from October 1999 till February 2000. In this four months I have to get experience in my field of study. Looking forward to your answer. Cheers Frans

Arthur John (
I would like a partner to help me run my station Narkoola. The station is 35,000 acres but only 5000 isn't currently leased. Partner must have computing and accounting skills and would need knowledge of sheep, cattle and goats.

Serena (
I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a miniture pig from because my friend is trying to get one but doesn't know where to get them. It would be good if it was from Queensland or NSW.

Catherine Forte (
Hi there I'm interested in the dairy goat industry I have an 80 acre farm and have 40 dairy goats due to be milked in July 2001 any info would be helpful on soap making using goats milk. Thanks.


Luiz Navarro (
I am a coffee producer and raise calf for beef producers.

Nilo Bezerra (
I have seen I do not know where about a Portuguese Group which has a big milk production farm in the United States. I guess is one of the largest in this country. I would like to make a contact with them. I am very interested in milk production in a large scale here in Brazil. Someone can help me. Someone know this Portuguese Farm.

Fernando Guimaraes (
Hydroponics tomatoes, Pigs Farms, Chicken Farms, Cheese and home made sausege

Ivankiw George (
Cattle raising for beef production, intensive grazing methods, large farms management, strategies for the non-rain season - about 6 months in our region.



Larry Hunter (
I am looking for information on protein products derived from potatoes. Potatoes are rich in proteins and amino acids and therefore can supply nutrient input for animal and human food. I believe this is done quite significantly in Europe, but less so in America. I would like to get in touch with someone who knows the products and the markets. I believe the humble potato is capable of much more than we are doing with it in North America.

Steve & Terralee Enz (
We farm 6 acres south of Calgary and currently raise 6 Boer cross goats and 20 laying hens. We are currently developing a Saskatoon berry orchard on part of our acreage and are very interested in Alpaca (but can't afford them!) Also investigating miniature cattle (Dexter, miniature Hereford).

Jessie Schneider (
I'm a newbie to the meat goat industry. I have about 65 dairy boer cross does at present. Would like to make contact with other goat breeders in Western Canada or the rest of the world for that matter.

Ross and Karen Potvin (
We run a 65 cow/calf operation and purchase all our feed. What we would like some help on is reducing our feed cost. All we feed are round bales. Is there a better method, ie…. types of feed and/or equipment. Any suggestions?

Nikki Taylor (
Hi my name is Nikki and I am interested in starting a pony carousel business and I would like to purchase mini look a likes for the ponies. If anyone knows of a good mini breeder please let me know.

Larry Nault (
I am researching starting a dairy goat farm. I would like to talk to others with similar interests and locate relevant information.

Dave Tupling(
Hi, I have 10 acres that I would like to put some livestock on. Not being a farmer myself I don't know where to start. I have had several suggestions about meat goats. I would really appreciate some suggestions. Thank you.

British Columbia

Harvey Glasier (
We used to farm 1400 acres of cereals, canola and fescue. In 1992 we sold the operation and I now work with the BC Ministry of Agriculture in the area of economics management diversification and value-adding. I am interested in learning about new agricultural economic activities or new markets that we could get involved in from this geographic area.

Karen Garton (
I am a 28 year old who has recently taken over a bed and breakfast operation on 14 acres. I have a 50 tree orchard of fruit and nuts but 10 acres is not being used. I would love some market and general info on garlic and herb farming.

Stephen Visser (
I am a partner in J. S. Visser Produce on Prince Edward Island where we grow 160 acres of Yukon Gold Potatoes and 320 acres of spring and winter wheat. I am interested in direct marketing and quality assurance of potatoes. I would be interested in exchanging any information concerning potatoes and the potato industry.

Shelley Fritzke (
I have a small hobby kennel. I have recently added some sheep to it as I compete in herding competitions with my German Shepherds. This will be my first year lambing and I am nervous..... hopefully everything will go well. I also enjoy planting a small garden in pots as I'm tired of trying to keep the slugs away and I plant lots of flowers for cutting and drying.

Kelly Furneaux (
We have 5 slopping acres that we would like to use to at least pay for taxes and insurance. We are interested in goats or maybe horse boarding. Not completely sure. We enjoy farming but have never done it on a large scale. I have done some work with dairy. My husband has done pigs. We are eager and curious. Looking for wise sound advice. Kelly and Brent

Don Walling (
I'm a twenty-five year dairy herdsman manager from Vancouver Island. I've done considerable training of ag students and dairy farm workers. I consult on dairy small acreage use and agriculture training. Does the dairy industry need more access to training?

Dave Hierlihy(
I have a milk bottle with the Words HERLIHY BROS embossed on the sides. It has a seal MASS SEAL also embossed on the sides. I wish to know more about the company who made the bottle and the year. I suspect the bottle is 100 years old.


Gail Smith (
HELP! Would like to hear from anyone in berry farming and berry farm startup. I am interested in berry farming and could use any advice on start up.

Nova Scotia

Jeff Mckinnon (
I have a hobby farm with 13 goats of Alpine/Nubian and Nubian/Boar breed. I also have a miniature donkey for a guard animal. I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.


Jim Boak (
I am a cash crop farmer and a farm equipment salesman. I am very interested and involved in testing new equipment and technology and like to talk about farming methods that will reduce our dependence on pesticides. Actively researching the benefits of narrow row planting in corn, wheat and beans. Also working with no till and min-till cropping. Very interested in talking with people who are working with conservation tillage systems and row spacing experiments.

Chris Chelminski (
I represent a Polish importer in North America and am interested in products related to agriculture production except heavy machinery.


Tracy Robinson (
I'm a novice gardener interested in growing herbs organically this spring in Charlevoix where the growing season is short. The herbs I will start growing indoors in flatbeds on top of my fridge are calendula, stinging nettle, comfrey, chickweed, hyssop, mint and thyme. Is this advisable? What do you recommend as a good growing medium? Can I successfully transplant them in the earth or do you suggest greenhouse first then outside?


Sherry McNair (
We farm in southeastern Saskatchewan on. 480 dryland acres with 275 in conventional grain. A few cows, sheep and are starting organic medicinal herb plots. We're hoping sheep and herbs will make our farm viable. Anyone else out there just starting out?. This is only our third year.

Jay & Kim Gerry (
We operate 7000 acre farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan. Crops include canola, wheat, lentils, oats, barley and sunflowers. Most of our grain has to be transported out of province for processing We are interested in value-added processing such as confectionery sunflower processing. Would like information.

Tim and Grace Hrabia (
We are just poor folks starting out and presently have horses but would like to expand into feeder calves. Would love to talk to other beginners and my wife would love to talk horses.

Darlene Curcle (
I am presently starting a small farm. I am looking for any helpful hints on raising pigs, chickens, cattle and sheep. If there is anyone who can help out a greenhorne, I would appreciate the information


Nan Yang (
I work for a Chinese agricultural business. We have several huge farms in northern and southern China. We need technology in turtle raising, fruit and vegetable processing, transportation, etc and would like to hear from anyone interested in doing business in China.

Costa Rica

Anna Alexis ( We have 10 hectares, 2825 acres in southern Costa Rica. We are exploring organic methods of agriculture in both large and small-scale projects. One of our main objectives is to explore techniques of soil are and preparation. ANY HELP OR ADVICE ON METHODS OF SOIL CARE AND PREPARATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED. We have two horses. LOOKING FOR TIPS ON HORSE HEALTH CARE. Our concentration is production of vegetables fruits and herbs. We currently have two bananales banana plantations and over 80 young fruit trees. I AM LOOKING ALSO FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO RAISE HEALTHY FRUIT TREES. Please contact me with any info. THANK YOU. Peace.


Tarik El-Kady (
Dear Sir: I will start to make a quail farm. Would you please send me information about how to rise a good type of a quail. Also I have some questions could you please send me the answers. What are the best kind of quail that give a high weigh? What are the types of feeding that give a maximum weight? How many eggs produced by one quail per year? What is the different in shape between male and female of quail? What is the suitable temperature for quail in different ages? Waiting for your reply. Thank you and best regards. Tarik El-Kady


Gillian Edom (
I am researching nettles Urtica sp 29. I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who is cultivating them as a crop and feeding them to poultry or animals using them as compost or crop food. Has anyone considered them as a crop to clean up over-fertilized land?


Prakash (
I am interested in starting a small plantation of cashew in the Central Region of Ghana. I do not know much about cashew cultivation. I can develop the area little bit, offer jobs to the neighborhood villagers and spend time on something creative. I understand that good seeds are available in Brazil which is suitable for Ghana conditions and also resistant to pests.

Geoffrey Oduro (
I produce fresh pineapples on a 150 acre land here in Ghana. My problem is I want to look for market for my produce in Europe. I want someone who can help me find this market especially since it is difficult raising enough money to do it on my own. I have the capacity to supply all year round. Many thanks in advance.


Jalna Maharashtra

Jitendra S. Mantri (
Looking for assistance in agri-tech in form of consultant or partnership basis in the following fields: Vegetable seeds, horticulture, agro-based industry, hemp, confectionery, sunflower seeds. Strength: possess 250 acres of land, retailing access for seeds, fungicides, pesticides. A strong willingness to learn. Success is an inter-dependant terminology. Current weakness: poor knowledge of farming.


Karpe Chandrasekhar(
Planning to grow 10 hacters of Jojoba on dryland. Can any one help me in plantation process. Fertilizer, planning, marketing, etc.

Suman Dutta (
My current profession since the last 15 years has been as a Control Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry. However I have been planning to change my profession and explore the agriculture sector. I am originally from India I see a vast opportunity in this field. I intitially intend to start goat farming and am interested to know more about the subject. Can any one help me as to where I can find the related information on the web.

Ajay Mody (
I have recently developed a farm and I am in the process of planting aromatic medicinal plants. I am looking for information on cultivation of aloe vera in India and it's commercial viability. Can anybody help?

Mangesh M. Pawar (
I'm a grower of Aloe vera plants. The plantation also includes tamarind, mangoes, sweet lemons and castor. Also other medicinal herbs are grown on the farm.


I am excuting a jojoba plantation project in arid zone of Rajasthan state in India on five hundred hectares as part of wastelands development programme of the state. Would welcome countrywise or global information on jojoba plantation and industry willing to share data and guidance available with me with any one interested in jojoba

Purushottam Pawar (
Hello, I am a businessman. Recently purchased a land for farming fruits, vegetables. I require help for landscaping, farming. Thank You. Purushottam

Shekhar Agrawal (
I have been cultivating aloe vera. I am now interested in putting up a unit to manufacture juice gel and powder out of the plant. Looking for consultants in India or abroad who can guide me to put a unit for exporting the products.

Nihal Gulvady (
Willing to offer info on hydroponics plant nutrition seedling technologies and greenhouse design. Also info on all horticulture crops.

Saurabh Roy Choudhury (
I am a young energetic agribusiness management graduate who has recently joined an agribusiness company in India as a management trainee. I operate as product manager for a few aquaculture inputs produced by my organization. I am interested in starting up a small horticulture and aquaculture unit in India depending on the specific needs of the markets across the globe. I am interested in customized jobs based on orders from interested parties. As a matter of information it is possible to grow almost all horticultural crops and fresh water fishes in my region. To be very frank I am looking for some friend philospher guide and a business partner anywhere in the world. I am a person who is interested in doing business to the best of my abilities and as objectively as possible. If this piece of information interests somebody or if anybody is interested in learning more about me I would like to interact all the more. Thank you for your patient reading.

K. G. Ramachandra(
I would like to more details on farming livestock rearing activities in East Africa especially Tanzania and whether I could have some expert guidance on African agriculture.

b b hake (
Fmaharashtra organic farming, ethanol from sugarcane etoh egine, 25stall fed goat farming, beer making plant, small fermentation plant for ethanol production, biodiesel plant. I'm an electronics engineer worked for ISRO Bangalore. I was a member of the team sent for the launching of first Indian satellite at Mascow USSR

S R Nair (
I currently own 40 acres of wet land in Tirunellveli District, Naguneri Taluk where the GOVT of INDIA proposes to set up SEZ special economic zone. Those who are interested in ayurvedic medicine cultivation or any other related JV please write to me.

Audhi Narayana Reddy (
I am a 34 years old having Post graduate in Farm Machinery Engineering. Basically from agricultural family from southern part of India. Presently working as a Service Engineer in New Holland India Ltd. Tractor Manufacturing company located at Delhi. Having few acres of agricultural land. Intrested in developing this land which is not cultivated for the past ten years by my father due to low profitability and labour problem. Having good water facility for irrigation. Planning to cultivate some type of medicinal plants.

Calvin Rodrigues (
Having around 25 acres of Coffee Plantation. Looking for alternative ideas for utilising the land available. Water source is not very good. Interested in Herbs, rearing animals for meat, floriculture, etc.

Rajesh Bhasin (
I wish to grow on sharing basis poplar or other timber trees along with other local seeds or vegetables landowners may contact me on my email.

N. Pandya (
Hi. Can any one guide in the cultivation, manufacture, growth, etc., of Aloe Vera in India. Regards.


Wahyu Aris Darmono (
I plan to grow 6 hectares of organic cultivated aloe vera but my funder wants to know first about the aloe vera market. Would you give advice where to sell. I'd like to share information about organic farming especially in aloe vera with farmers all over the world. Oh...I almost forget I do organic waste treatment and produce organic fertilizer too.


Assaf Roy (royassaf@GREEN.CO.IL)
I have a quail farm in Israel producing pickled quail eggs with unique sauces.


Stefania Sarsini (
I have four Samoyed and I should like to receive information and stories of pack's dog owners, please specific if breeders. Which are your pleasures and problems living with them? Was it a choice? Are you happier with a pack or with a single dog? Please write to: Stefania Sarsini, via delle Lame 78, 50126, Firenze, Italia

Christine Conrad-Palopoli (
I would like to know where I can buy tayberries plants in Italy or some where else in Europe.


Savanna la mar

Halcyee Anderson-Pessoa (
I recently returned home to Jamaica after having lived in Canada for nearly 20 years. Our family home is situated on 10 acres of land on which I plan to do environmentally friendly farming. I am still in the planning stage, however, today I started preparing the location for a compost heap. I am presently reaping okras and lady fingers from my very small kitchen garden and the tomatoes will be ready soon. Also my mother has promised to give me some baby chicks - the start of what I hope will be my free range chicken operation. I will update as I go along. Right now I do not have anything to contribute but this will soon change. I look forward to being a part of and contribute to AgriHelp Neighbour.

Christoper Mcleish (
I am farmer that produce Sweet Potato, Thyme, Yams and other crops mainly for exporting. I would like to find interesting persons who are willing to imports these items and other produce.


Pares Nath Agarwal (
We are interested in the production of cashews. Looking for information on planting, harvesting and processing of cashews into edible nuts. Would like to hear from people in neighboring countries.

Kym Ambrose (
I own a small goat farm. Need some advice and contacts to start business.

Mohammad Shukri (
I'm from Malaysia. Recently I have setup a meat goat farm in District of Rembau, State of Negeri Sembilan consisting of cross Boer, and a couple of local Katchang and cross Sennen (total live stock currently 50). I'm hoping that I can communicate with other people that are in a similar set-up as me. I welcome any enquiries from people that are interested in the similar venture as mine and hope that I can offer something and also I want learn new things in participating with AgriNeighbors.


Andreja Blagoevski ( I am professional fresh water aquarist for about 25 years in my country Macedonia, Europe. Our firm make the largest fresh fish order in Macadonia from Bulgaria and Turkey. Satisfy with the business but our future plan is growing the business and our program developing analysis is import fresh and salt water fish directly from the source. Please could you contact us with some professional seller, breeder firms, etc., from Malaysia, Thailand, South America for starting an collaboration because we are trying for a long time to establish some connection with fresh and saltwater sale managers from these countries. We are gratitude in advance Andreja Blagoevski, General manager


Yadi + Bänz Hügli (
Located in Ensenada, Mexico, just 1 1/2 hours drive south from San Diego, California, we want to start a small operation with a quail farm, producing the meat, the eggs, the feathers and the sperm for fashion applications. We would be happy to hear from some neighbors tips and information to that subject, regarding everything, the operation itself and the marketing aspects.

Leonardo Muqz Arellano (
Where can I find a site of factories for silos, granery, portables and made with trevira. I am looking for a low price.


Rafael Artasanchez (
I work for a brokerage firm with an established customer base interested in wheat, rice, lentil, beans, sorgum, sunflower seeds and other.

Torreon Coahuila

Alejandro Ahumada (
I'm a horticultural grower. This is a desert area and we have right now a water supply problem, four years without rain. I'm searching for information about aloe vera crop for growing or another desert alternative crop. We have to change to another option because if the next year doesn't have rain we will be a disaster area. I would appreciate hearing from someone about this information.

Saltillo Coahuila

Hector Munoz (
I'm student of science animal and I a professional dog trainer in obey agility and herding.

Jesus E. Valdes Berlanga (
I have farming for over 19 years on the north part of Coahila I have 200 acres of pecan tree orchard and 400 acres for crops such as silo corn and sorghum silo at summer time winter oats and rye grass as well also weath grass I'm looking for some partner to buy coahuila stock and export to United States we have 231 quality corrals, dip vat and scales. We are located on Piedras Negras Coahila, Mexico



Wim Kanters(
Cows, milking machines, spare-parts business.

New Guinea

Sidney Suma (
I would like to grow Aloe Vera commercially. Could anyone help me with some information on the agronomy aspects of growing this crop commercially.

New Zealand

Lynette Winters (
I have 9.6acres (283.6ha) of rather hilly land but fantastic view. I have 3 acres of pines trees, an assortment of nut trees. Some geese, poultry and 1 goat. I am looking at developing 4 acres of the flatter land into but some mature pine trees need to come down. Any suggestions? I work full time and run the place on my own.

Sally Elliott (
Hi, I'm from New Zealand and I'm studying Sustainable Land Management at Unitech. I am very interested in a working holiday in or around Brisbane, Australian from the beginning of April through to May I have Wool handling experience as well as general farm hand. I am 33 years old with two children aged 5 yr. and 3 1/2 yr. My children will accompany me too. So if you need help during this period please drop me a line at my e-mail address. I would be willing to WWOOF, (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), if any of you are into that. I look forward to your replies.

Michelle Ross(
I am presently a Diploma of Horticulture student. My biggest interest at present is researching new crop possabilities for growing on my property.

Michelle Ross (
Hi, I am a Diploma of Horticulture student in New Zealand. I am interested in finding information about cashew nut growing. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Sandra Turner(
I am in the process of growing my own tobacco and they are about 2inch in height. The problem I have is lack of knowledge as to what I need to do to complete the process, ie., curing, how big the plants need to be before smoking, etc. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jeanne Godeau (
I am interested in birds. I have just built a small out side aviary and would like some information on breeding habits of budgies, quail and canaries. It is a lot of fun and very relaxing to see birds in a more natural environment. Cheers.

David (
I'm just some one who is always looking 4 info on many different subjects

Fiona and Mike Hopper (
Hi there we are new farmers of 450 acres of medium hill country. We farm 86 elk and red stags for velvet, almost 600 hybrid hinds and have just had our first lot of fawns. We also bought up 58 dairy beef calvies last season and have 65 mad pregnant hereford heifers. Keen to hear from other new farmers or those with elk as they are proving to be real characters. We are also hoping to convert to organics and wondering has anybody tried using comfrey as a forage crop.


Jonnah Marie Manzano (
I am very much in need of golden sweet corn! Do you have any available seeds for this because I am planning to plant it on our farm. How much does it cost? This is my new business venture and I am selling sweet corn at different schools. The problem is, I don't have much supply of sweet corn and I need more. I have heard that golden sweet corn seed can be bought in your country,. so I need help finding a supplier. I would like to buy it immediately.

Joseph Chua ( I would like to start a goat farm. Would like to seek any information on how to do it.

Julie C. Beltran (
I would like to get suppliers of aquarium accessories and fish products. I would also like to know where I could get in touch with tropical fish breeders in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Rey Martino (
Can you share your knowledge and technology on cattle farming. Thanks.


Luis Ramirez (
I would like to know about the consumption of quail eggs in France. We are doing a research about a project to produce quail eggs here in Peru. Thank you for your help.


Margot (
I'd like to know if someone could give me an address of some company which works or has some partner in Europe because I live in Spain. I'm searching for one variety of seed called 'haricot'.


Neil Kadri (
I have bought a land and would like to grow cashew trees. I am looking for help and information on this. Any information on how to succesfully grow cashew. Thanks

Brian (
I am looking for any information about starting up an agribusiness in Spain. I know this is weird but if you have any info or addresses of gov't officials. Please send them my way. Thanks


Iwan de Vries (
Setting up 500 ha of cashew in Suriname.


Ulrico Rosa Feitknecht (
Hello everybody we are looking for trainees for summer 2000. We run a dairy 70 head, outdoor pig breeding, seed corn, maize and potatoes in southern Switzerland. If you are interested do work on our farm from April till October tell us.


Wallace Boswell (
We are interested in growing Cashew trees, that is growing the trees and processing the nuts and other products from the tree.

Carolyn and Jeanne (
We are working as volunteers in the slums of Bangkok . We have acquired some land and funding, and are looking at hydroponics to produce veggies in order to feed the kids. Does anyone who knows about hydroponics want to give us a hand? Particularly - cheap ways to produce nutrient solution? Cheap monitoring?


Ihsan Akyol (
We are interested in ostrich breeding industry. Searching for the best way of starting this business in Turkey. Buying adult ostrichs or chicks or fertile eggs or a combination of those. We would like to receive offers from the breeders as soon as possible.



John Peak (
I raise meat goats, minilop rabbits and soon to have chickens.

Roy D. Hartzell (
I read an article in the Tuscaloosa News about the Alabama Goat Auction. I could not find it on the net. There is a newly formed Alabama Meat Goat Assocoation which publishes a newsletter I would like to get. Can you tell me how?

Joanne (
I just bought some goats and some are pygmy and the others have long ears but also have horns. I'm told nubians don't have horns. If so mine must be a mix of pygmy and nubians. Can anyone tell me more about the nubian breed. Thanks. I live in southern Alabama. It's hot and humid here.


Paul and Laure (
We have 150 grade holstein dairy and tie-stall barn in Alaska interior. 500 acres of brome for hay. Oats and pea silage and canola. Using round baler and wrapper for silage. Participate with U. of Alaska Fairbanks on test plots for alfalfa and canola. We contract out for barley -- our concentrate comes from a mill 300 miles south in Anchorage.

Ken Maloney (
History of hogs and cold country operations and alternatives. I am now extremely interested in keeping Agriculture alive in Alaska.

Katherine (
Yukon Territory I would like to hear from anyone doing berries or asparagus north of the 60 parallel.

Tammy (
We are wantta be farmers. We have two horses so far. Butchered chickens last year as not to winter them. Our girls are starting Nigerian Dwarf goats. We have two does so far and are interested in getting a buck or two. North Pole Alaska


Tracy Candelaria (tcandelaria@cybertrails. com)
I am thinking of doing a horse stable/hotel. I'm looking for information about insurance issues, marketing and any thing else regarding the business. I have land and one stall right now but if I decide to go into this venture I will expand considerably. I live in a great location in the mountains of Arizona. ----- I welcome any and all information. Thank You!

Karen (
I just bought a two acre "mini farm". I tried the horse boarding route and that just isn't for me. I'd appreciate any tips/advise about raising goats, chickens, and pigs. I'm interested in maybe running a small business out of my home that would take advantage of the acreage that I have. I have a four stall mare motel, chicken coop, and ample pasture space. Any ideas out there???? :-)

Jim Vanderzanden (
I would like to have between 50 to 90 acres which allows me to become self-sufficient organically raising at least half of the household food. I am interested in the best yield area with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bob Washuta (
I have constructed a 10 x 27 x 22 greenhouse. I am growing tomatoes and peppers utilizing the aeroponic technique. I have an interest in knowing if others have been successful in similar efforts.


Zac Baker (
Looking for information about the production of frogs.

Geoffrey Stone (
I am interested in raising Tilapia fish in greenhouse tanks in conjunction with vegetables in gravel medium watered by the fish tank waste.

Kim Croft (
We raise NALC catahoula stock dogs to work cattle and also raise a few horses. We used to have cattle also. We are interested in buying a 2 - 4 house broiler operation with a modest home and a few acres with good contracts. There doesn't seem to be much of a network for this type request and most are sold without listing with a realtor. We are open to relocation for the right set-up. Any help would be appreciated.

Gerry Anderson (
I am interested in businesses suitable for depressed rural areas. I prefer local marketing but there isn't much of a market for anything in the area where I have property. Does anyone have information about the hobby market for fibre, flax, hemp, wool, cotton, ramie and their growing requirements. Been a hot, dry year. Sweet potatoes and melons are ok but even okra is short.

Duston Manzitto (
10Ac. of land and 20 head of milking goats.

Justin Collier ( I am getting married in May of this year and my fiance is from Montana. We are going to live in Arkansas but I know that my soon to be wife is really going to miss the big sky of Montana. I am interested in cattle farming in Montana. Anyone who knows more about that line of work please let me know asap.


Valarie Brar (
I am a high school student currently conducting an experiment testing the efficiency of an intergrated hydroponic and aquaculture system with that of the conventional systems. If you have heard of this technology and can help me in any way with research, I would be extremely appreciative if contact me! Thank you!

Susan Funston (
I am a student teacher teaching agriculture at the secondary level. I am looking for a video to use to aid in teaching about the evolution of the horse. Any help would be appreciated. As I am going into agriculture teaching and would appreciate any other resources that someone would know about and willing to share.

Ron (
I grow figi apples in California. We use overhead cooling with well water to keep them from sunburning. We get a whitish deposit which we think is carbonate precipitating out of the apples. Is there an easy way to get it off the apples afterwards?

Ed and Jan Gold (
My wife and I after 10 years of city living are planning to start an Ostrich farm. Any help would be appreciated, especially in finding used equipment.

Marcie Rosenzweig and Lee Hendrickson (
As Full Circle Organic Farm we operate 2 27x48 greenhouses and grow veggies, strawberries, herbs and flowers on 2 of our 5 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. We helped start the local farmers markets and are doing a CSA this year. We've taught organic farming classes and "Using Computers" to plan and track income and harvest data for small farms. We plan to add cane, berries, figs and gooseberries soon. If you have any questions related to organic farming or would be interested in our apprentice program please contact us.

Chris Neeld (
I'm the accounting manager for a large farming corporation with almonds, pistachios and wine grapes as our main crops. We are in the planning phase of removing abandoned grapes and welcome any advice on the procedures and costs per acre. There is existing irrigation equipment we would prefer to leave in place.

EC (
I am interested in starting a small mixed use farm to grow feeds, raise hogs and tilapais. I would appreciate info on resources or tips.

Brandon Baker (
I am a 22 year old full-time Fresno State student studying manufacturing. I also work in manufacturing. I was raised on my Grandfather's farm and plan to carry on the tradition. For now I only plan to farm part-time with my younger brother, but if it works out I would like to do it full-time.

Davis Sandrock (
I am currently managing our family ranch of about 300 acres in Northern California. At one time we raised purebred Charolais cattle with irrigated pasture and grew our own hay and barley. Three years ago my wife, my children and I were able to build a home on the ranch. We are now in the process of rehabilitating the dry land hay fields from years of poor farming practices. After having the soils tested and at the suggestion of the soils lab we are incorporating 3-5 tons/acre of wood ash from local co-generation plant to add tilth and adjust the ph of the soil. The results have been dramaticand I would like to talk to others that have done the same.

Mike Payne (
I want 10-19 acre retirement property as I would like to raise calves, feeder pigs, chickens, for home use and if successful with pigs supplement income. Quality of pasture in the Colorado Springs area of Colorado. Winter weather ramifications on success of raising livestock.

Tianna Chastain (
I am trying to find the best use for my land. All options are being considered.

I want 3-5 ac operation. I would like to explore setting up an adult residential facility mainly to cater to developmentally disabled or mentally ill. I would like to build a 4000 sq ft facility and would like to get as much information on rules and regulations, planning, commissions, outlook on what I would like to do is get in touch with building contractors and overall explore the feasibility.

Mary Anne Pettyjohn (ronpetty@the
I have a small nursery that I am attempting to grow local plants, trees, herbs and native plants. I have gardened for years. So now I will put my knowledge to work. My nursery is called Kiva Creek Nursery.

Terra Carrion ( My husband and I live in Northern California below the snow line and above the fog line. Last year we bought 12.7 acres on a hill with an irrigation ditch and 12 gpm well. We are interested in developing our property organically to be self-sufficient. We already have 6 pure bred alpine does and 2 horses. We want to be able to support our animals, ourselves and 3 children, all 2.5 and younger, and hopefully make some money on the side. We need help from people who know HOW to do this. We have some experience but we're lacking the finesse. Thanks.

Lisa Hill (
My family and I have a small farm in the mountains and are looking for more ways to make it profitable. We have just gotten out of the meat rabbit business as there is not enough profit and are thinking about meat goats. I would like to hear from any one who has gone this route and whether it has worked out or not. Also any more ideas for making money on small acreage.

Jason Tibbetts (
What are the best breeds of goats for brush eating and how many goats should be utilized per acre for initial clearing and then for subsequent maintenance. Thanx. .

Aaron and Natalie Beaver (
We have a small 80 acre farm in the Sacramento Delta region. At this time we grow traditional crops including corn, wheat, etc., but would like to turn our farm into a mixture of truck farm, wildlife habitat and game bird market..

Looking to grow herbs in N.E. CA., would like some info, or places to get info.

Cathey Hughes( )
We're from California and recently purchased a house from a previous bird breeder. Our pasture is equiped with six aviaries, water hook-up, etc. We have bleached, painted and replaced damaged wire. We are eagerly researching birds and how to start this business venture. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am searching for information about organic cattle raising. I will be starting my own operation in CA or in Oregon soon. Would like suggestions and advice as well as information about internships or working visits. Thanks...

Serge Potetenieff (
We grow tomatoes, eggplants, raspberries and would like to know more about how to prune them.

Janet Finch (
We have a small market farm and starting up an egg operation of hens. We are looking for a used tank to hold 10-12+ tons of chicken feed.

Judy Boroughs (
I have just acquired 10 acres in Temecula, Calif. Eventually maybe 3-7 yrs I would like to live on this property and have avocado, citrus trees as a business. Does anyone know of growers that lease land to grow trees. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Judy


Matt and Kathy Brasby (
We live on 40 acres of dryland prairie grass. We raise Nubian dairy goats, Muscovy ducks, Holstein steers from birth to finish plus we have chickens and rabbits. Matt is an accomplished carpenter and very knowledgeable about steel grain bins and other steel sidings. We live in a farming area of dryland and pivot-irrigation corn, dryland wheat, beans and alfalfa.

Bill Alt (
Our Soil Conservation District has developed a Rural Living Handbook which we share with four Colorado counties. It is designed to help people new to rural living get started. It has been a great success and we urge rural natives to work together to create their own local book. It is not an easy task but very worth while.

Andy and Kim Kembel (
We farm 320 acres of crops including sugar beets, corn, hay and wheat. We have 420 acres of pasture on which we have Saler Cross Cow Calf pairs as well as raising Holstein Calves from birth to weaning.

Alan and Linda Houle (
We have a small 120 acre ranch of dry land right in the heart of the rockies in S.W. Colorado. We have 8 polled Shorthorns and includes 3 first time heifers, chickens, rabbits, dogs and kids. We also are going to raise our first crop of alfalfa this next summer so any info would be very helpful. We are looking forward to talking to other ranchers and their wives about the life of ranching and share stories and recipes with each other. We would also like to find out more about the cattle industry and would also like to talk to women in ranching. Please email us anytime. Thanks. .

Rob Piekarski (
I am the operations manager on a 20 acre organic farm raising organic asparagus and other assorted veggies. I have just started raising goats organically for milk production and poultry for egg production. Interested in hearing from any others with similar interests in organic farming. Eventually would like to have an organic farm where homeless folks can come and learn about organic agriculture and live until they get back on their feet.

Belinda Ogrady (
Hello, I'm a dairy calf raiser, been raising calves for about 20years I've raised them on cows milk and goats milk and both. Have tried many different things with my baby's and have had excellent success with them.

Alana Mehlig (
Hi my name is Alana Mehlig. I am 12 years old. This is my first year raising swine for 4H. If anyone has good advice for a beginner please let me know as I am new to this. I am especially concerned about health and necessary vaccines that my swine will need. They have already received a worm shot at the age of two weeks. They are now 7 weeks old. I am learning a lot in 4H however I am eager to make myself aware in order to raise healthy swine.


Deb Kalinowski (
Does anyone know of any tree seeds that will grow rather quickly indoors that can be planted outside in the spring. I live in Connecticut and the students here at school would like to be involved in a carbon balanced community project. We need to know places we could plant the seedlings once we grow them indoors. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mark and Susanne Hall (
Looking for parts for an older 2 bottom plow on wheels, have tried most everywhere we can think of, any help is appreciated. Also manual for a Kuhn 250 Mower/Conditioner. Thanks

Sandi Rose (
100 acre diversified small fruit orchard, christmas tree farm. Retail and wholesale. Farm bakery and jams. Located 12 miles from Hartford.


Richard Siegel (
Been in Landscaping for 25 years, have a residential client base of 50+ accounts, and am now interested in growing some exotic tropical fruit trees.

Randy Morton (
Here in Florida we have a weed known only as 22SMILEX.22. It is virtually impossible to eradicate unless you dig up the root. It has shiny leaves and grows as a vine from a tuber of some sort. Would like to hear from others that have had the same problem and how they eradicated it. Can provide more info if needed.

Whisby Brown Jr. (
I am interested in starting a poultry farm and would like any and all information on how to get started either in the USA or the Bahamas. I would like to start it for a dual purpose of meat and layers. I am 20 years old and would like to purchase either new or second hand farm equipment that is up to date.

Mark D. Williams (
I raise goats, chickens, hogs and occasionally I raise quail, calves and rabbits. Would like to hear from folks with similar interest.


Melissa P. Douglas (
I am a first time farmer living in Georgia. I plan to raise emu, ostrich, and club calves around an already successful dog grooming and boarding business. I need help!! Thanks

Mike Whatley (
We have 550 acres of land in rural Georgia. Need information on miniature cows, miniature horses, goats, sheep, raising commercial flowers and commercial plants. Any help would really be appreciated.

Dennis Smith (
We have 8 acres of rough mountain land that is being tamed and made into permanent pasture where I want to grass out weanling calves to stocker size by using M. I. G. I would like e-mail from like minded "Friends". I live in N.E. Georgia, U.S.A. and I am 47 years.

Paul Watson (
Have 500 ac operation and raise tobacco, corn, soybeans, hay, peanuts and some cattle. Operating under sharecropping arrangement and all land in a family owned limited patnership We want to make a better sharecropping arrangement but don't have all the information we need to make positive changes. So I am surfing to see what I can find out about farming in Georgia. We have tobacco barns, farmhouse, wells, small outbuildings in pasture. Would like to make our farm more profitable and need some suggestions and guidance. The main thing is getting information so we can make good management decisions.


Claudia McCall (mff@ilhawaii)
I am looking for web sites dealing with specialty cut flower production cultural information.

Michelle Sheehan (
I want a 3 - 5 acre homestead and lease pasture for horses. I plan to raise vegetables and herbs organically that will include several acres of gourmet baby vegetables or other for maximum profit potential from the land. Need sources for organic artichoke rootstock available to ship to Hawaii. Also looking for information of other opportunities.

Mark Holladay (
I'm starting a small organic farm on Maui and would like info on crop rotation techniques used to loosen clay soil any helpful info welcome. Also I have a ground floor opportunity for a farm hand assistant manager.


Annie Hansen (
HELP!! I have a problem with snakes in my basement and can't seem to get rid of them. I have sealed holes on the foundation where I thought they might be coming in but still new ones are seen. I've been using glue pads to catch them. How do I get rid of them? The area around here has a lot of garter snakes. When mowing the lawn you almost always run over one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Brian H. (
Buying 5 acres, currently being farmed in northeast IL. Planning for horses eventually. Building house on one acre of it. Looking for income from mini-farming, animals or crop, to help supplement mortgage. No experience. Eager to learn. Open to suggestions. Please e-mail me, all info welcome that might give perspective.

Timothy Fiste (
I am putting together a study circle for Rural Advocacy Projects, a grassroots charity supporting sustainable communities. I'd be interested in hearing about reading material that anyone has found to be especially thought provoking or inspirational - something that could generate good discussion. I'm born and raised on the farm and grow sheep, chix berries and hay. I'm also a real estate agent, husband and father. Hope to hear from you.

Karen and Bill Nesbitt (
We are a displaced row crop farm couple recently relocated to a small 25 acre tract of land where we are struggling to make a go of raising perennial flowers which is a new field for us. We raise some produce. We also have livestock, Paso Fino horses, Texas white dall hair sheep, Australian cattle dogs. We are under construction with a 24 x 100 foot green house and a smaller shade house. We need marketing help with our perennials and field grow just under 2 acres. Any help in greenhouse growing and produce marketing would be sincerely valued. We are just startng to sell worms and may consider offering ladybugs in the future. Most of all we want to be successful and also re-ciprocate help to others in what we do know.

Gaurav Mehta (
I am interested in urban marketing of fresh produce. For this purpose I will be relocating back to Bombay. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, can supply produce then please do let me know. This is the next big revolution in India. Let's do it.


Michael Strahl (
From the Hoosier State and a Ag Economics graduate from Purdue University. I'm a Community Development Specialist for USDA Rural Development. I showed Nubian Goats in 4-H when I was a kid. My Dad still milks about 15 nannies

Amada Coy (
I raise a herd of about 40 dairy goats. I show in the states of Indiana and Kentucky. We raise them for show, milk and sell wethers for market.

Jack Bunyard (
I live in south central Indiana and have a few cows, chickens, goats, two dogs, rabbits and cats. I love to garden, camp, fish and hunt. Would like to hear from folks in my area for fun and friendships. P.S. Straight married guy no funny stuff please.Country friend.


Tom Swale (
We have ten acres of pasture and timber. Currently raising Nubian, Kinder, and Nigerian Dwarf goats. My wife and I both work off the farm, but are interested in starting a goat dairy.

Anne Munro (
We have 10 acres that is presently in alfalfa hay. Thinking about a small diverse operation -- probably fruits, brambles, berries, asparagus with maybe nursery herbs or something. Would appreciate info on marketing and packaging.

Matthew Bush (
We are currently looking into starting a farm. Interested in about 40-50 acres raising either meat goats or a cattle operation. Interested in what the costs for these operations would be to start. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Mark Lynch (
I have a 2 acre hoglot that has been pasture for 20+ years. I am looking to plant some form of alternative cash crop. I am interested in herbs, wildflowers or garden crop. I need help in getting started and in marketing.


Richard Scott (
We have a 50 acre farm in Kansas and raise club lambs and quarter horses. Daughter active as a 4-H junior leader. Need help beginning a sheep dairy. Need information on where to get equipment and marketing strategies.

Billy W. Browne (
Hi All, My family and I live in SE Kansas where we have a small herd of commercial cattle, some Quarter horses and a couple of dogs on 240 acres. We are interested in upgrading our herd and crossbreeding cattle. Other interests are hunting and fishing of all sorts of critters.

Greg Reed (
Homestead for the next year to year and a half approximately. Low cost low maintenance, efficient operation. Ideas to start in low cost low maintenance agriculture.


Franklin (
I cowboyed in Montana, Wyoming and eastern Idaho for thirteen years and now have a 122 acre ranch in West Hollow surrounded by state wildlife preserve. As a disabled American combat veteran (Vietnam) have to hire most of the work done. In the spring my fences will be up so am planning to get some cattle and Saanen goats plus a good trained Australian Shepherd to work.


Sherman Boughton (
I have 13 acres in northeast Louisiana in the Mississippi River delta. I have some experience with traditional vegetable crops, but I would like some information about truck farming herbs, spices, flowers, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?

Wanda Barras (
I live in a small town on about 3 acres in S.W. Louisiana. I am interested in starting a small goat dairy consisting of about 8 or 10 quality LaMancha and Nubian does. I hope to sell milk, cheese, goats and other goat products. Suitable male kids will be trained as pack goats and also taught to pull carts. All input and suggestions on dairy set up, marketing of products and pack animals would be appreciated.

Wayne Lavergne (
Hay baling


Norman A. Dean (
I recently retired from teaching school, after 34 years. I have always lived on the family dairy farm, and helped with the chores. We sold the dairy cows. Now I have 25 beef animals. With prices the way they are there doesn't seem to be any way to get ahead. I like raising cattle, but wonder if something else would be more profitable, deer, ostriches, llamas??

Les Teed (
My wife and I are starting a hydroponics business in the state of Maine. The greenhouses are 44 ft wide and 128 ft long. If anybody else is doing this in cold country and might have some advice they would like to throw our way we would deeply appreciate it. Thanks.


D. Rick Wilson (
I have 17 tillable acres on the Eastern Shore. I am looking for income producing uses for the land.


Gene Burke (
I have been trying to locate a particular plant. It is Epigaea repens (Trailing Arbutus of Mayflower). It is the state flower of Massachusetts. I have tried many local nurseries, but no luck. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you.

Patricia Stewart (
I'm a farm educator without a farm still trying to find a way to bring agriculture into schools. I work draft horses and mules and would like to raise heritage livestock (sheep, goats, chickens, horses and maybe a cow or two) when we get our farm. I also am getting an English Shepherd which will learn to herd along with love our family.

David Bernier (
I am a goat farmer raising Boer and Nubian goats (60 breeding does and 4 South African bucks for breeding) in a region known as the foothills of the Berksire Mountains. We have male guard llamas for herd protection and are introducing Maremmas this year due to increased coyote population. Boer goats from quality breeding translate into outstanding meat goats.

John E. Dvorak (
I am the founder of the Boston Hemp Co-op and the curator of the hemp museum and digital library: This site has many articles from the USDA about hemp cultivation and economics. It also has many hemp references as well as old prints and pictures of hemp processing equipment.


Dewey and Liz (
We have 5 acres and raise goats, chickens and vegetables. Our garden is going to pot since our tractor broke down. We are searching for a Sato/Beaver lawn and garden tractor. All help would be greatly appreciated.

Brian (
I just purchased 6 acres with another 12 in the works (mostly wooded) planning on clearing for pasture land and would like to know what type of ground cover is best. Climate here is harsh, to say the least (24 feet of snow this year) and would like any information you can pass on small scale farming about animals, i.e.…..chickens, goats (Nubians), and pigs maybe. Any information would be appreciated. Very eager to start. Please pros and cons. Don't be bashful.

S. McSparin (
We have a direct market to market livestock and limited vegetable farming sweet corn, grain, and hay crops for livestock feed. We are interested in alternative cash crops including livestock, grains, fruit or vegetables, fiber wool, co-operations, small dairy goat operation involved with raw milk and cheese.

T. R.HANEY ( I have a large dairy goat farm in Michigan I'm currently looking for information on selling world wide. Please send information fax (616)761-3976, phone (616)761-3720 or email. Thank you for your time.

Mazin (
I am looking for a Dexter cow to buy. If anyone has information please let me know. Thank you.

Nora Eastway (
Right now we have a half acre gutter-connect greenhouse which we would like to sell. Know anyone that is interested? We would to put up a smaller hydroponic greenhouse about 5000 square feet and grow strawberries and herbs. Anyone have any info about growing hydroponic strawberries in Michigan?


Barbara Gregerson (
I'm interested in learning more about commercial hydroponics. I'm trying to write a business plan and I need to know how much it would cost for equipment and supplies to start a hydroponics cut flower production greenhouse. Any information will be greatly appreciated!!


Marsha Camerom (
I live on 50 acres and use to raise horses. I now raise llamas who don't require as much land. Want the land to be productive so I'm planting trees. One field planted with loblolly pines by ag extension service. I have another field about 5-7 acres I want to plant trees on too. My objective is environment but also cash for retirement in 12-15 years. I live in northwest Mississippi, just below Memphis. I know this isn't a lot of land and the time to harvest is relatively short. What is the best thing to plant? More pines or is there another wood of greater value that fits my needs? If pine is the best, is there a specific variety more in demand and for faster growing. I could increase acreage size if I wanted Please advise of tree varieties and any infor on value at harvest. Thanks.

J. Sterrett (
I am interested in vegetable truck farming and raising a registered certified line of Hereford breeding stock. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

JimCrouch (
Small commercial blueberry operation will be expanding this spring to include cherry tomatoes.

Larry Gardner (
My wife and I have 2 breeder hen farms 70 acres and 40 acres with 2 chicken houses on each farm. We are trying to cool our chickens with foggers this year and would like information on the use of foggers. We would like to sell one farm.


David Hendrix (
We play farm 22-23 acres raising rabbits, ducks, laying hens and Great Pyrenees. Would like to know more about bee hives and Alpine goats as they are our next added venture.

Robert Camshadwick (
We are trying to start a market for goats milk, cheese and soap. We need to find a place for the regulations and where we can buy the equipment.

John and Debra Leunen (
Practicing sustainability on 20 acres. We raise Boer meat goats, performance horses and day range poultry. We used managed intensive grazing to control brush and improve pasture quality. Multi-species grazing help reduce internal parasites in our livestock, reduce weed growth in the pasture and improve stocking rate. We raised 400 Cornish cross chickens this spring and home processed them for direct on farm marketing. Interested in hearing from other value added or direct marketing farmers. We cross Boer and Spanish meat goats for vigor and increased gain. Always interested in more market opportunities for meat goats.

Phillip Herbert (
Interested in raising tiapia indoors someday. Needing advice etc. on financing and getting started. I grew up on a farm, became a paramedic and now I do physicals for insurance companies. I live paycheck to paycheck. Need a future.

Jack Vanderpool (
Live in rural area. Raise registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, Rhode Island Red chickens and a big garden. Will be building 30x36 greenhouse soon. Interested in aquaponics.


Ivano & Lou Ponti (
Looking for data on the costs of fertilizers and pesticides per acre by crop. All information greatly appreciated

Shawn Todd (
Looking for information on a system being used in Canada where they grow grain forage in strips of land, then contain cattle on one strip at a time for the winter using electric fence. They do not use baled hay or even provide water for the cattle because they are in each strip for only a week and they eat snow. I want to know if this really works!

Bud (
We use hulless barley whole grain flours in baking products and would like to share with others in similar areas using these grains. Montana State University, Bozeman, MT and North Dakota State University are the only sources of information we have and would like to know if there are others.

Blake Ogle (
I am from Bozeman, MT and run a small farm outside of Belgrade, Montana.

Dan Cassens (
I manage a cattle ranch in South West Montana. Last grazing season we began using a management intensive grazing system. I am interested in hearing from anyone using intensive grazing on their properties. I have encountered a few problems and would like to discuss them with you.

Emily Costello (
I'm the author of a children's book series set in Montana and I'd like to hear from anyone who has stories about growing up on a ranch or farm in the area. I'm especially interested in feelings about livestock predators, the environment and newcomers.

Chris Kassner (
I am looking for a registered nubian buck goat to breed to my registered doe in the montana area. If anyone can help me please e-mail me at the above address. Thank you. Chris


Tlemmon (
I'm looking to buy 1700 acres to pasture 400 head of yearlings. Planning to use 4 acres to build pens to raise dairy heifer calves. I need to know the cost of build working corrals and a barn. Is there any guaranteed loans for women in Agriculture.

Gwen Springer (
My name is Gwen Springer. I live in Nebraska. I work for Frenchman Valley Farmers CO-OP. We have two other branches in Nebraska and custom apply and spray a variety of crops with the major crop being corn. We scout nearly 17,000 acres of corn every summer. I have grown up on a farm and ranch. I was curious to see how many people have web pages and what variety of things people do.

Robert Baranski (
I am a student at the University of Nebraska studying Agriculture Economics, Agronomy and Animal Production and Management. I hope someday to be involved in a farming operation of my own or in a partnership with someone else. My family has been farming for 5 generations and I hope to continue that proud tradition.

Jerry Hilger (
We live on 3 acres south and east of Juanita, NE. We have a 60 tree orchard, a small laying flock and feeder pigs. We plan on raising pigs for feeders and finishing. Also have a market garden and dairy goats. Honey bees will be added to the farm next spring.

Mike Belknap (
I have a cow calf operation. I would like any information on aquaculture. I have some low ground that exposes the ogalala aquafir and it would be easy to build ponds if I had the information to make it work.

Craig Nelson (
I am the manager of an elk ranch with about 100 animals. It is mainly a cow-calf operation that sells bull calves at about 5 months of age in the fall and then sells the heifers in the spring or keeps them for replacement cows.

Robert Rogers (
Raise cattle, horses, and am interested in starting goat dairy, I work at a dairy that milk 125 cows twice a day.


Donna Cathey (
I would like to get to know people who raise goats for show and production. I currently have a small herd of Nubians. Would like to learn some of the tricks of the trade so to speak, and how to raise my animals to be healthier and more productive. I also have other animals here such as cats, dogs and horses.

Robert W. Smiley, Jr. (
My wife and I just bought 21 acres and plan to create a small farm. My plan not hers is to become as self-sufficient as possible. We hope to raise a couple of steers, hogs, chickens, goats and a very large garden. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with similar interests. Advice would also be appreciated. We live in the desert area of Southern NV.

Linda Brown (
I am interested in raising miniture or dwarf milk goats. I have 5 acre, 4 dogs, 8 cats 3 children and we are building a barn for horses in progress. Is it unreasonable to think I could raise goats for milk, cheese, etc., for profit? Please send info. Thank you.

New Hampshire

Teri Langelier (
I am looking for any information pertaining to Newfoundland dogs. Speaking to reputable breeders who are actually friendly is definitely a difficult feat. Hopefully talking to some friendly individuals with info, who love and appreciate the breed as much as I do would be wonderful.

New Jersey

Neva Moore (
My husband and I operate a 650 acre Blueberry and Cranberry farm in an area of New Jersey known as the Pinelands. We have encouraged tours on our farm during harvest to promote agriculture in the Pinelands region.

Stuart Renee Parks (
My wife and I have 6 children. We plan to build a house on 22 acres next year. Our hope is to start a vegetable and houseplant operation from the ground up. Any info on farm startups would be helpful.

W. Noor (
Before we buy 3 - 5 acres in New Jersey to have a poultry farm, we would like to find out if we would like living a farmers life style. Any suggestions? We currently have a gas station which we would keep.

Peter Dorfman (
My wife and I have a new herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, and are involved with the Eastern Nigerian Dwarf Goat Enthusiasts (, a local breeders Association. We also have sheep and poultry. Love to network with other livestock people -- also interested in fruit tree and perennial flower farming.

I have just purchased 24 acres in Central New Jersey (Monmouth County). This was a farm for a number of years and has good soil, a good horse barn and plenty of room for pasture. I want to buy a few registered Alpine Goats and start a small herd. I am also looking for water birds since we have a small lake. But, I don't want to have to buy 25 of each type as required in mail order companies. Is anyone in the N.Y., N.J., Pa. Ct. area that wants to sell a few?

New Mexico

Bill Schiers (
I have greenhouse foliage bedding plants and hydroponic tomatoes. Also, a 1.5 acre orchard primarily stone fruit and small amount of truck farming specializing in okra, tomatoes and peaches.

New York

Larry White (
Our family is looking into starting a goat dairy in Northern (25 miles from Canada) New York. We are looking for information on bottleing goat milk e.g. regulations,etc. Any and all information on any aspect of the dairy goat industry would be appreciated.

Matthew Shulman (
Just returned from 3 years teaching voc ed students in SE France. Many French farm kids would like to visit the US for summer farm experiences. English is modest to good but these are farm youngsters, not city visitors. If you are interested, please contact me for more info.

Kris Keryk (
I am interested in learning more about agriculture and leadership. I am currently the Medina chapter FFA Treasurer and I would appreciate any advice on careers that deal with agricultural research or technology. I would also be grateful for any advice concerning the FFA. I am thankful for all the advice I can get. Thank You.

Mike Henderson (
I am looking for any information on pasture raising rabbits. I would appreciate any info. Thanks

Chantelle Bateman (
Hello. We are a small family in western NY. Our goal is to homestead and homeschool. Purchased the land, now we need HELP. Our first desire is a dairy goat and laying hens. Would like to visit other small farms and homeschoolers. Happy to work in exchange for knowledge.

Luke (
I like to find out more about exporting potatoes to the Far East like Japan. My in-laws run a small scale farm goods distribution business in Japan.

North Carolina

Donald C. Bartosik (
I am getting started in propagation of various Dogwood trees. I have started some budding work and have had poor success. I would appreciate if someone could give me some good references about Dogwoods, especially in respect to propagation hints, disease control and some experts I could contact. I also will be starting to grow various types of the Weeping Flowering Cherries. I would appreciate any help someone could give. Thank you.

Dr. Sandi Lee (
How do you get rid of monkey grass?

Darrell Nichols (
Owner of Nichols Farms, a small farming operation run by my father and myself. We are hay producers in central North Carolina and we mainly cater to the horse hay markets.

John Matthews (
Live on small cattle farm outside of Winston-Salem. I would like to start growing wine grapes and would appreciate advice.

Jill Whitt (
I train horses and am quite active as volunteer leader of Swain and Jackson Counties Horse 4H Clubs.

Ed Frye (rofye@InfoAve.Net)
Operation: Raising and keeping pleasure riding horses. Interests: Horse and equipment barns, pasture management, hay operation for horse hay.

Charles Mabe (
Tree Farm Southern Pine

Martin Garcia (
I am looking for miniture bulls and cows. Could anyone tell me where I could possibly find a miniture bull or heifer. Please e-mail me if you can help me out.

North Dakota

Dennis & Tam Goodman (
We have a small farm -- about 2000 acres. We have 150 cattle and raise wheat and oats.

David (
We have a small commercial cattle operation and are very interested in fall calving and intensive grazing.

Terry Smith (
I am looking for a list or contact information for custom balers traveling the upper midwest. Would prefer those that produce the large square bales.

Nancy Taton (
Living in Southwestern North Dakota, I am interested in seeking a buyer of healing herbs, direct from farm-to-market. Many such plants are native to my area. I want to purchase small acreage (20-40) in my area for growing such medicinal plants. Any knowledge of such buyers is welcome. Also anyone interested in forming a CO-OP for such a venture, to support income for smaller farms and interested in this type of diversification please CONTACT me by e-mail. Surrounding States welcome.

Kermit Feser (
My property is an old homestead. I am looking for planting something for conservation and use for training bird dogs.

Jon Burkle (
I have about 2500 acres raise wheat, barley, flax, sunflowers, canola, oats, corn for silage and have raised field corn. Also have about 200 cow calf operation I am looking for a crop to grow that has low input costs and also has a better rate of return for some money making opportunities.


Liz (
We farm pigs, chickens and goats.

Nate Buzard ( )
I am a sophomore at Ohio State University majoring in Agribusiness/Applied Economics. I hope to someday be involved in production agriculture. I'm not really from a farm but hopefully my kids will be.

Patti & Dennis Dean (
Willow Run Dairy Inc. We are operating a Grade A Goat Dairy on 165 acres. Currently milking 450 goats.

Lucy and Eugene Goodman (
We have a small 5 acre market garden and CSA. We raise about 45 types of fruits and vegetables plus we have a small flock of heavy breed chickens for eggs. We farm organically and parts of the farm and the chickens are certified. Along with the CSA we sell our eggs and produce thru local Farmers Markets and natural foods stores. Would like to buy a couple of dairy cows in the future. We are working towards self sufficiency and getting off the grid. Want to talk with anyone doing similar things

Kevin Cox (
I am seeking information on starting a small dairy goat milking farm. I own 25 acres and at the present time I am raising pigs. I am trying to get involvement of my family into the business. Dairy goat milking seems to be the route I am seeking. Cost factors and the return like usual is always the normal reasons why a person would or would not proceed on. Any information out there I would appreciate the response.

Louis Charles Adams (
We raise Hereford x Angus cattle on the Tecumseh High Plains Ranch. We are interested in software that would be useful in ranching. Also we would like to know a good site for vet problems.

Bill Ours (
I have 20 acres of creek bottom land. Would like information on crops to produce and marketability. Would like to know how to get rid of brome grass in fields. I have 2 head of cattle, I have marketed steers in the past and done pretty well but the money turns over slow.

Roy Evers (
Own small nursery growing medicinal herbs and aquaculture. I have 5 large barns I use for nothing. Need to get crops in ground. Need solid business investment with decent return in 3 to 5 years. Willing to grow anything. I have greenhouses. Am currently growing trees and shrubs looking at growing goldenseal and ginseng. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Nancy Vanhoose (
I would like to know if anyone knows how to care for strawberry plants in the winter in the state of Ohio. I have started a small bunch of plants and someone told me to mow them down. Is this a good idea?

Ken Baumhardt (
Approx 20 ac vegetables, wide variety retail and wholesale also market with other growers


Sherri Bowen (
My husband is a full time farmer raising mainly cotton, wheat, and cattle. I work in town but would prefer to have a small farming enterprise of my own with the potential of enough income to quit my job. We live on a farm and I have access to acres. Anyone have any ideas?

We have 10 acres of horse pasture. Want to start a small goat and cheese operation.

Phil Bowers (
I operate a medium hay baling operation. We cut primarily native hay, blue stem, Indian grass and small quantities of bermuda and alfalfa hay.

Troy Melton ( )
I want to help any farmers in Oklahoma. With migritory bird problems. Such as crop damage.

Lisa Fields (
I'm Lisa and my friend Steve are considering starting a hydroponic business. He owns 40 acres and has natural gas on his property. I will do everyting and he will provide the resources and part of the money. I will be requesting info on the cheapest and easiest way to start. I will be building the green house myself. I will need to get the best type of equipment available. How big for the first year? Who and how to market the product. How about it friends???

Pam Ray (
I raise goats mainly for cleaning property. I have a few that are my favorites. I have a lot of them that get sick. Some pull through but I've had some die. Haven't yet figured out the problem.

Martha (
I am new to the Bristow area and have purchased 80 acres. I am interested in advice in getting started in a business that will allow me to use my land to my advantage.


Patty & Tim Billings ( )
We raise dairy-cross calves and grass hay. We also have a nubian goat and several laying hens.

Robert & Phyllis Rowe (
Phyllis does roses, flowers, herbs. I do canaries, trophical fish, handyman projects. Our goal is to eventually acquire a place of our own, to expand our present interests and for gardening and beekeeping.

Guy Mitts (
I inherited 8.76 Acres, I lease 7 to local farmers, I am interested in raising pigs, What do I need to know? Feeding, Fencing, Shelter, Space needed per pig, buying price/age, selling price, POC's, Taking to slaughter house, etc... Please help.

Mark Plunkett (
My wife and I run a small community supported vegetable farm. We have been looking for software that would help with managing crop rotation,garden plans, and plant varieties on 10 acres of vegetables of over 30 different varieties. Thanks for any tips you might have.

Max Hargade (
I run a small business that specializes in decorative shrubbery and am considering growing lavender on a small scale. I would like information on how to market the plant. Are there any other lavender growers out there?

Karen Black and Robert Plamondon (
We have 37 acres in the Coast Range between Corvallis and Newport. Currently we have about 500 hens, 26 pullets on free-range with 50 bird colony houses. I am interested in using sheep and eventually cattle to improve and maintain our pastures.

Roak Dale TenEyck (
Wine grape grower in Umatilla County with 16 acres chardonnay leased along the Umatilla River 1 mile south from the Columbia River. I also custom farm 260 acres for another grower. Looking for pesticide information, ect.

Vicky Anglin (
We raise purebred Nubian and Boer Goats for a lot of things and have for many years. If anyone has questions about goats please feel free to e-mail us.

K. Kossler (
I am interested in raising hydroponic hay. I'm also in the process of trying to start an aquaponics unit raising tilapia, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, perhaps flowers. We're in NE Oregon and winters are cold.


Jon Lawson (
We are trying to start a Learning Farm / Petting Zoo to teach people about farming, animals, environment, etc. We are looking to adopt friendly animals, get any information on grants, sponsors of financing. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated such as the advantages and disadvantages of having a petting zoo.

Mary (
I am an Internationale Baccalaurate student who is researching the effects of nitrogen on small grains, peanuts and soybeans. If you have any statistical information, please email me. Thank you.

Daniel Haines (
I am a hobbiest beekeeper

L. A. D.(
Small family owned drug-free Registered Polled Hereford Farm. Would like to start raising specialty herbs and dwarf vegetables for farm markets.

Judy Aurin (
I have a beautiful mountain pine tree on my property. I would like to start some seedlings. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Should I cut a branch and use a root hormone or should I start with seeds from the pinecones. Please help me. Please email me.

David Singer (
I help my mother raise goats and I am interested in raising miniature cattle. This is a very small operation. I'm looking for someone in the Pennsylvania area.

Sara Beth (
I have been raising chickens for about 9 years now. Currently I have 50 chickens I raise for eggs and as pets. I would like to start raising a few heifers, have them bred and sell them to dairies. I am not expecting to make a lot of money on this venture. My knowledge about cattle is very limited but I am ready to start learning more.

Tootie Buffenomeyer (
Hi. Last year I started a small Quail farm on my 10 acres of land. I sold chicks and older birds to people in my area. I would like to start marketing the meat.Can you help me on how and what I need to do. I desperately need help.

Brenda (
My boyfriend and I own 30 acres and we are wanting to milk goats. We would like to know how to get started and where is the nearest co-op in our state. Any information would be greatly appr. Thank you.

Dianne Smith (
We have purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy. We would like to train her for herding our cattle but are unable to find a training video. If anyone knows where I can get a video for training, please email me. Thank you very much.

Heather Gallagher Evans (
I am interested in obtaining information on loans and other financial aid available to start a small horse stable. Any ideas or thoughts shared would be greatly appreciated.

South Carolina

Frank Tomeo (
I plan to have a sustainable small scale integrated farm with livestock and market gardens. Have 120 acre beautiful farm in South Carolina and am looking for a few likeminded souls to join me.

Lori Lester (
Planning to buy 20 - 50 acres. Interested in tree farming, family gardening and livestock. What pines are best suited for SC clay soils and weather and what types for timber and Christmas trees? I want to consider both.

South Dakota

Jami Carpenter (
Need to find a more market accessible way to make a living from 40 acres. Use to raise rabbits -- never again! Thinking about sheep, maybe cashmere goats but I'm afraid the cashmere market is too specialized. We need a "for sure" steady income. Suggestions, please?

G & K Brausen (
We have a 20 acre farm and 6 horses, 2 pigs, 1 goat, 17 chickens, 4 ducks, 5 rabbits, 2 guinia pigs, 1 prairie dog, 7 cats and 3 dogs. We have a shop, 2 large steel sheds, a small barn and 3 grain bins. I would love to make money on animals some how. I really love horses and dogs. I also was interested in Kinder goats, combination milk and meat goat. I am also very interested in flowers, plants and gardens. Where is the market? Is there a market for goats in South Dakota? What is the best farm type market in South Dakota now?

L. J. Fullmer and K. A. Hunt (
We raise Blackbelly Barbados hair sheep and cross-bred hair sheep and purebred Arabian horses. We are disabled middle-aged women whose motto is "Don't Tell Us We Can't"!! Would like to hear from others who are struggling to stay rooted to the land.


Robert C. King (
I am looking for a kit to convert a 55 gallon barrel into a wood stove. They used to be advertised in Popular Mechanics, etc. They consist of a cast iron door, legs and flange for smoke pipe. They use to sell around 20 - 30 bucks.

W. R. Clarke (wroe@BLomand.Net)
We operate a fruit and vegetable operation, selling retail off the farm and at two local Farmer's Markets. We cultivate about 15 acres using and old John Deere and 2 teams of horses. We are not fully organic, but we'retrying.

Al Paschall (
I have 10 acres clear land. I'm interested in a CSA or pick your own operation. Can it be done? All help appreciated.

Vicki Townsend (
We have a small herd of registered Nubians on 16 acres. We are feeding excess milk to a calf. Currently the state of Tennessee does not allow incidental sales of raw milk. I am interested in hearing from others who could help our goat club try to get a bill passed.

John Yarbro (
I have been involved in a farming partnership with my father and sister since 1978. We actively farmed until 1985 and still maintain the partnership although all our properties are now leased. My father has 50 years experience as a farmer as he was born into a large farm family. When we were active we raised soybeans, wheat, milo, cotton and cattle on 2800 acres. I feel I might be able to offer advice and I think my father would really get into giving advice. Recently we have considered returning to farming as we miss the freedom of it very much.

Brian Eason (
I am wondering how successful could a small hydroponic farm serving a local restaurant market be. What size is required to be profitable? How have past ventures fared? Anyone with stories please send.

Rick Myers (
I have put together a GOAT KINGDOM that has over 600 goat farm links and over 400 goat info links. ***WARNING*** You must love goats to enter GOAT KINGDOM. Email me and lets talk GOATS.

Julie Davis (
In future would like to run small herd of cattle. Or less likely some type of horse facility. Currently have 2 horses on 5 acres of our 20 acre farm. In future will need to put up good sturdy fences. Basic shelter for cattle and 3 or 4 stall barn.

Edd Bissell (
On 85 ac. In the East Tennessee hills I run primarily primative breed animals - those that can thrive, survive, multiply without grain imput and constant supervision. My sale go mostly on the Ethnic+markets - Hispanics, Middle Eastners and Bosnians. They are still interested in the whole animal which are sold to them live weight - Fainting goats, hair type sheep, Maran chickens, etc.


C. M. (Sam) Selby (
Hello to everybody! I work for a 25,000 acre southwest Texas cattle ranch. Being "slightly over the hill". cowboying is a bigger challenge each year. I would like to work in range conservation or grazing management, some where in greener pastures. Are there any job opportunities out there? Thanks.

Bill Eller (
My wife, Helen, and I have a small 15 acre farm in West Texas. We will have a garden and fruit and nut orchard. We also will have, hopefully, a large blackberry patch to provide berries for the local farmers market.

Lori Friend (
My husband and I are traveling to England and will be visiting the Lake District. We are very interested in seeing a dog trial or exhibition while we are there because we have two border collies as pets. Can you link us up with someone on the net or email that can tell that can tell us what kind of trials and/or exhibitions are going on in September? Feel free to forward this message if need be. Thanks

Ronnie Gilmore (
Looking for parts for the Paul Livestock Scale Model 305, 3000lb capacity.

Brandon Taylor (
I'm 20 and my dad and I farm 2 sections of irrigated land. We grow seed -- maize, corn and wheat.

Michael Vansau (
I am a junior at Sam Houston State University and my major is AgriBusiness. When I graduate I plan to go to graduate school to get my Masters of Business Administration. Then I will seek employment in the agriculture community. I am pleased to know that there are services on the Internet dedicated to Agriculture

Vicki Johnson (
I have just started a small Dorset sheep flock. I have lots of questions about raising sheep successfully in Texas. Especially if you are another southern sheep shepherd. If you have experience in this area, please write to me.

Scott Walters (
Yesterday we lost 7 cows and 6 calves to a single strike of lightning. Of course they were standing under a tree. Two years ago we lost 11 head in the SAME pasture. Again they were standing under a tree of course. However, that tree was adjacent to a fence with only wooden fence posts. We thought at the time that if the posts had been steel that the strike would have gone to ground through the steel posts. Yesterdays strike would indicate this as there are steel posts about 10 feet away all the way around it. The unlucky pasture is not any higher elevation than any of the others nor is it lower. In fact, it's one of the smallest on the ranch, only about 65 acres. The trees aren't any different nor is the soil. Two deadly strikes in two years is puzzling. Any thoughts, suggestions, possible remedies?

Betty Miller (
I live in rural east Texas and have LaMancha dairy goats. My husband and I run a wildlife management and rehabilitation farm for all types of animals, especially ruminants. We raise white tail deer fawns on our goat milk for scientific deer breeders throughout Texas. I am interested in corresponding with persons with similar interests and knowledge. I have owned dairy goats for over 20 years.

Steve Clingerman (
I live in the McKinney area and I would like to know of a source for small amounts of raw milk for use in home cheese making.

April Ashley (
I live outside of San Angelo in West Texas on 5 acres. I've been in the goat business for 3 years. I show wether goats and boer goats. I still have 2 years left to show wether goats. I've increased my herd to 40 head. When I graduate High School. I plan to attend college and major in animal science.

David and Joyce Preedit (
Specializing in the breeding and raising of registered Nubian Goats. Also, make cheese and soap from the milk. Additionally, we breed and raise black Suffolk/Romney sheep for their fiber.

Greg Shell (
I am interested in hydroponics and alternative power generation.

Terry Dudley (
Small beef cattle operation in Texas.

Jerry Martin (
I'm looking for information on hydroponic produce grown in greenhouses. Especially strawberries and raspberries.

Dianna Fate (
We have a small place in eastern Texas and we have expanded our interest to Jersey cows. Interested in modernizing a milking area for one. Does anyone have ideas?

Ernest L. Seigler (
Clay soil. I am doing truck farming vegetables would like to know a way to sell them and what sells best

Roger Curren (
Starting a meat goat operation on approximately 250 acres, 80 open grazing, 170 heavily treed. Interested in finding local breeders of boer, spanish and kiko breeds, markets and processors associations, etc. Information on range managmen, fencing, disease, etc., helpful.

Lisa Moore (
We currently have 40 acres between Granbury and Lipan Tx. And are planning to improve it. Add a septic tank, dig a well and hook up eelectric. By a couple of yrs time we plan to put a mobile home there and have cattle. There is also a large tank on the land. Our interests: the moble home, a tractor shed, installing the septic tank, with sprinkler, digging well. What all it will entail, the different types, etc. We are non-experienced in any of this and would appreciate any information available. As we just started cutting cedars a couple of weekends ago and it will be awhile before we can get a tractor. It's going to be a slow process and we have plenty of time to plan and investigate.

Shelby Brown and Teg Gregory (
We raise fullbred black and paint Boer goats in the Texas panhandle. We're always looking for ways to make a small acreage profitable and love to swap ideas with folks. We also have a lovely 15 acre improved homestead available for a long-term lease to a caring family.

Carol Grosser(
Looking for pure breed Nubian buck goat ready for service on small goat farm in Texas drought country. Admirer of Wendell Berry' books. Raised on beef dairy farm then meat production. Surrounded by Suburban neighbors with alien lifestyles. Worried about global warmings effects on stock and produce production.

Greg & Judith Dustin (
Starbright Ranch and Vineyard is 132 acres on the San Saba River. Our vineyard is 2.5 acres. We grow 4 types of wine grapes; Muscat Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Ruby Red. Our vineyard is now in its 4th year and August will be our second harvest. We hope to enlarge next March to 8 acres. We are strictly growers, no winery, and use organic products for 90% of our fertilizer and pesticides.


Byron Rollins (
I raise day old Holsteins on the bottle, would like information on this Item. shot needed, etc.

Jason Beck (
I work on a 5,000 sow breeding/farrowing farm as the data technician. Our farm is currently maintaining a long term conception rate (post ultrasound pregnancy check) average of 93%. I would like any information about successes on giving 2 AI services as opposed to the "traditional" 3 or 4.

Dan and Linda Thomas (
We are a small breeder of quality Murray Grey beef cattle. See pictures of them at

DeMar Gubler (
I am trying to locate a sorghum cane press. Here in southern Utah sorghum cane grows good but no equipment can be found to press the juice.

Joe Lujan (
I am interested in raising assorted quail for profit and fun and would like to know if anyone can give me any idea on who I need to contact. If anyone has information to share on quail I would greatly appreciate it.


Petrovich @ Smokey House Center (
Establish hedgerows and herbal lays as interior divisions in an intensive grazing system for sheep our flock is 25 Dorset crosses on approximately 12 acres. our farm, Smokey House Center is a job training site for at risk teens.


R. G. Dillon (
I am looking for a fast growing plant that will survive in awooded area that has marine clay under the soil level. I live in a subdivision that was built in the 50's over existing marine clay. Massive erosion is taking place and the ground around my house is moving down hill causing damage to the house itself. The land behind my property was never built on because the gutters and sidewalks started moving soon after they were installed. In 1983 I painted the basement exterior walls to ground level. You can now measure 12 to 13 inches of unpainted area where the ground has left and is moving down hill. In the woods manhole covers are now around 6 ft high in some areas. The county says it's not their problem and I can't find anyone local that can recommend anything cost effective. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

John Hannick (
Interested in beef. Considering going to raise hay for feed and sale.

Linda S. Campbell (
Dairy goat operation, currently around 250 Nubians, Saanens and Alpines. Over 25 years experience. Also interested in other sustainable agriculture operations. Visitors by appointment. Khimaira Farm, Luray, VA.

Mike Nixon (
I am a hydro grower.

Scott W (
Very interested in starting a small farm operation. Self-sufficient lifestyle.

Ken Harris (
I eat therefore I grow. Double entendre aside, tomato, pepper, okra and at present ARTICHOKES are my interests. Please inform, advise, etc., as you feel inspired.

Chicks maybe goats.

Glen Mustian (
Only 6 years to retirement US Navy but my heart is already back home in Colorado. I spent much of my childhood on small farms and ranches in Colorado, Wyoming and it seems that's all I ever think of doing any more. Am I crazy? Can you still make a living as a farmer/rancher? If so what can I do now to start preparing for that?


Chelle Rogers (
I live in the San Juan Islands of WA state and raise llamas. I'd be happy to help answer questions for anyone about the care, feeding and housing of these wonderful critters. I also hear from other breeders who are looking for ranch managers if you have references and are willing to relocate to a different state.

Mrs. Niees (
We are called Autumn Haus Farm. We breed Oberhasli, Jacob, and Brecknock Hill Cheviot. I am looking for an honest and fair breeder of Polled Pure-Bred Brienzer Oberhasli goats from Switzerland. I wish to buy (1) three month old buck and (2) three month old doelings of VERY TOP QUALITY. Must have calm and easy to deal with temperament line with strong udders and easy to milk. Looking for the red-bay Chamboisee color with correct black markings. Would be shipped to the USA. I am looking for new blood lines to bring into the USA. Please use Email or write to: Autumn Haus Farm, 606 SE Pine Rd, Port Orchard, WA 98367.

David Baker (
We have a small place with a few goats. We have Toggenburgs and Oberhasli mixes. We've raised chickens for meat and eggs. We love to talk goat and farm life in general.

Bob Stewart (
in tree farming, gamebirds (california and bobwhite quail, reeves pheasant and jungle fowl), timber bamboo, paulownia, shooting preserves, coastal redwood, coturnix quail, habitat plantings

Barb Bell (
I am interested in starting a small truck farm on our 5 acres of irrigated land. Would like input as to what crops would be recommended for selling at farmers markets.

Delores Beyersdorf (
We have Nubian Goats we also raise commerically organic Walla Walla Sweet Onions and asparagus. We grow our crops biologically and will teach you how to do it if you are interested. We do not need or use pesticides or fungicides.


Kevin Foster (
My wife and I raise organic produce, livestock, and children! Our diversified farmland is part of a 375 acre Christian camp. We use Percheron horses for work and pleasure - also use a small tractor and lots of elbow grease. Current interests: marketing veggies thru subscriptions; apprenticeships; intensive rotational grazing.

Bob Bruger (
Farm 300 acres with my brother. Milk 60 cows and raise all replacements. Starting to raise bull calves. Any ideas that can cut costs are very much appreciated.

George Dickinson (
I am a small farmer in Antigua, WI. In my operation I grow hot and seasons peppers, my income is very small and I want to experience a larger market and see my results, but I need help in doing so. Any Information that anyone can help me with, I will be greatful. I cultivate two acres and have twenty-five in brush. I have this real need to excel!! My peppers are real hot. Looking for reply.

Roland (
I have a rhubarb recipe that calls for a pudding pan. The recipe is to be baked. Does anyone know what that could be?


Jason Whitley (
I am interested in starting a cow calf operation in Wyoming or Montana. Being a public accountant I have knowledge of the financial and tax aspects of the business. What I need is help learning the everyday operations of ranching from folks who have done it.

Dave Wolfskill (
Interests are cow, calf, sheep and Quarter horses. Just trying to survive most of the time.

Dan Munn (
I just bought a retirement home in Florida with 2 acres. I want to plant a pecan tree or two and would like to know if you can recommend a tasty variety with good production, good size nut, resistance to disease, easy to grow, etc., and where I might purchase and have sent. Are there any nut trees you'd recommend for North Florida-Palatka Thanks. Dan


Sergio R. Anacona ( (
We are a small association seeking to go into the Sabila Aloe Vera farming and processing. We need to further our current knowledge on the subject as well as learn about processing plant installation. Many thanks.


L. Hazle and H. Banda (
Interested in finding out about different varieties of groundnuts/peanuts and possibly about processing. What are optimal growing conditions, fertilizer and irrigation requirements, etc.? Can they be grown year-round in mostly arid climate with a very wet rainy season for 3-5 months per year? Where can we obtain seeds, at what price per kilo/pound?

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