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There is no other business in the world that covers such a vast area and is so diversified as agriculture. It is an entrepreneur's dream limited only by your marketing and management skills, the capital investment required, land and facilities available, and your creativity.

The darker side of the picture is that there are variables you have little or no control over. Two of the biggest, the weather and the market, can break you without warning. While you can't do anything about the weather, with careful planning and diversification you can ride the ups and downs of the market, allowing the income from your entire operation to remain fairly constant from year to year and you will succeed.

It wasn't so long ago that growers simply needed to grow and farmers to farm. These days the successful grower and farmer MUST PAY ATTENTION to economic indicators and current market trends. For example, are you capitalizing on the gourmet market which has blossomed over the last few years? It has created excellent income producing opportunities-who would have ever thought edible flowers could save a dying farm? City dwellers are now anxious to pay you top dollar to come to your farm to get their fruits and veggies. Make them organic and the price goes up!

The Opportunities section of AgriHelp is here to help you discover ideas which you may have overlooked or simply never thought about. Our goal is to get you thinking about your operation, your capabilities and your geographical area. Some of the ideas will appeal to you. Others won't. Consider variations that might make sense for you. Expand on these ideas. Find a market niche and fill it!

Talk to chefs-all chefs, not just the gourmet types. Freshness and quality counts with all of them! Talk to produce managers, meat managers, florists, etc. Are customers asking for specific items they don't stock? What do they wish they could get? Talk to artists, craft people, musicians. Don't leave any stone unturned. You'll be surprised where your next income opportunity may come from!

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There's Money to be Made Growing the Unusual and Offbeat!

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Our goal is to grow the Opportunities section by leaps and bounds so that it becomes an exciting and varied source of creative, successful, income producing ideas-something for everyone.

Have you developed an usual income source from your agriculture related activities that you'd like to share with your AgriNeighbors? Tell us how you came up with the idea, what specifically you do, who you sell to (include prices), expenses and problems to watch out for.

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