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The Family Village and Super Highway Ag 66 is striving to provide not only shopping for the whole family but also businesses providing many necessary services as well. Featured stores are carefully screened and selected for your shopping enjoyment. The Family Village and Super Highway Ag 66 will be regularly expanding with the addition of new stops, businesses and stores. Our goal is to provide a pleasant variety, which will include everything from equipment and supplies to gifts and food products so we are sure you will enjoy visiting our new center. Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you will be able to sit by comfortably and have your needs or wishes delivered to your door.

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If you have a product(s) which you would like to sell or services you would like to advertise on AgriHelp in the Family Village, the Super Highway Ag 66 or both please contact our property manager at Agrihelp by sending an Email now. In the event you would rather develop your own mall or village we will be happy to work with you to achieve this.Email us now!!!.

Please shop in the AgriHelp Family Village and on Super Highway Ag 66 as much as you can to support our vendors because it's fees from the shop owners and businesses that make AgriHelp available for all of us.

Our shop owners are stocking their "shelves" and need your help. Please tell us what you'd like to be able to purchase from the comfort of your own home, anytime day or night... from equipment and supplies to gifts and food products. You tell us what you'd like and we'll let the shop owners know and also look for quality products from other reputable manufactures and dependable shop owners! Click here to send in your wish list!

AgriHelp is provided for the worldwide agricultural community by MacKenzie & Associates, an agribusiness consulting company located in Santa Rosa, California. From L. J. MacKenzie's days operating a dairy farm, hog ranch, horse ranch and riding stables, and various agriculturally oriented recreational enterprises - to being a livestock dealer and USDA inspector - to the agribusiness planning, management, research, and computer services today, it is safe to say "agriculture is our life."

Costs for AgriHelp are underwritten by agribusinesses throughout the world and sponsorship inquiries are always welcome!

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