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Here's where the money is -- the obvious, not-so-obvious and who would have thought!

A look at your land and buildings may reveal hidden opportunities. Great for beginners and dreamers!

Get some 4-legged help from working and herding dogs. Check out AgriHelp's Breeder Directory! Look at the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue!

Sharpen your management skills to maximize profits! From business plans to computer software.

physically challanged "What ever you do "Don't Tell Us We Can't!!!"


LIVESTOCK -- Cattle, Horses, Hogs, Sheep, Goats... you name it, it will be here. The Beef, Llamas, Sheep and Meat Goats barns are open!

Birds - Fowl, Exotic, Game

BIRDS -- Not just chickens! Turkey and ducks. Pigeons and pheasants. Ratites too. The Aviary and Game Bird barns and pens are now open.

CROPS/GARDENING -- If it grows, you'll learn more about it here! Increase yields with humates. Links for Weather Reports, too.

EQUIPMENT -- From tractors, fences and irrigation to all the tools and supplies you'll ever need!

Virgil's Story

Virgil's Story -- A Very Special Partnership!

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