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AgriHelp is pleased to present the Breeders Directory to help you find the perfect working or show dog for you. You'll find some of the best bloodlines in the world represented here! The information in each listing is provided by the breeder and you should contact him or her directly for further details. New listings will be added as they come in so stop by often.

dog having funTo visit the different breeders just click on the kennel or ranch name below.

Australian Cattle Dogs

Blueberry Australian Cattle Dogs


Shephard Ranch


Shephard Ranch

Border Collies

Shephard Ranch

Birdsville Farm

Working Dogs

Border Terriers

Shephard Ranch

Breeders:Many people come to AgriHelp's Breeders Directory every month seeking herding dogs for work and show. We would like to be able to refer them to you but if you're not listed here we don't know where to find you. Drop us a note now for details on how your dogs can be advertized here.

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