Working/Herding Stockdogs

Ch. Blueberry Roan Hancock, VOW, HTD herding sheep

Ch. Blueberry Roan Hancock, CD, VQW, HTD I

Sire:Ch Ar - Don Blue Smoken Joe, HS, CD, QW, ROM
Dam: Aust/Amer Ch Landmaster Fire Opal, HIC

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Esther Ekman's Australian Cattle Dog Legacy Spanning 39 Years

Esther owned and bred many dogs in the course of her life. Some she owned out right, many others she co-owned with her business partner of many years, Amy Berry. Amy and her husband had a dairy in Idaho and it only seemed fitting, since they co-owned only blue cattle dogs at the time, their kennel was named Blueberry. Due to obvious reasons Amy was in charge of the herding aspect of the partnership, however, working together they shared the responsibility of both breeding and showing.

In addition to Amy, Esther also co-owned dogs with others as well. It is not my intent to try and keep up with whom owned what but to show case as many dogs with pictures and pedigrees that Esther owned or co-owned with others including those who were part of her foundation breeding.

I don't know the number of Australian Cattle Dogs that you will end up finding here except to say there are many. If you could see the boxes of pictures that Amy is trying to put together with pedigrees you would see what an overwhelming task this is. Be sure that you come back often to see the dogs that have been added.

Because this area is primarily made up of pictures, which as a group down loads very slowly, only the registered names of the different dogs are listed here. To see their picture and the name of their sire and dam simply click on the name of the dog. Names in red denotes the dog was shown and won the title of champion. This is not to say, however, that dogs with out the title are not as good only that, for some reason, they were not campaigned until they received their championship.

Blueberry Head Herding Trainers owned by Randy Berry with a staff of 250 to cow break dogs:

holstein cow

Roseside Star Bertha 2

holstein heifer

Lassic Lilly

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cowboy shooting More cattle dogs added to the list 8/31/99

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To return to just the list of names and not the text, when you are going from dog to dog, Click on the Back Arrow at the left top of your screen with your mouse.

Conley's Blue Jessica, CDX

Aust/Am Ch Landmaster A'Sunrise, CD

Seweh Odacua Gingham, CD, VQW

Conley's Blue Jarrah

Aust/Am Ch Landmaster Fire Opal, HIC

Ch Blueberry Thumper

Ch Blueberry Cinnabar,CD, VQW

Ch Blueberry Ace, CD

Ch Blueberry Chokecherry,CD

Ch Caro Red Jester A-Rockette, HIC

Caro Red Jester A Bag O'Tricks

Ch Blueberry West Coast Scout

Ch Blueberry Roan Hancock,CD, VQW, HTD I

Ch Blueberry Wapiti Song O'Fraka

Landmaster Mustang

Blueberry Rosa

Ch Blueberry Invictus

Clivio Blue Missy

Ch Gitem Indiana Jones

Ch Blueberry Bluesage Rose

Ch Wooleston Blue Javelin

Barnyard Scrapper

Ch Caro Red Jester A-Ralphie

Ch Caro Red Jesters Blue Jazz

Wooleston Blue Jody &
Wooleston Blue Jeffrey

Blueberry Molly O'Fraka

Caro Bunny Clegg Hancock

Caro Red Jester A-Clovis PT

Blueberry Red Cap

Ch Caro Red Jester A-Cinders, PT

Blueberry Holly Smoke

Blueberry Cheesecake CGC

Gitem Casper CGC

Belnura Red Devil

Ch Workline Silent Sue

Ch Lenthel Hank

Ch Lenthel Karen

Barnyard Jackeroo

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