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AgriHelp belongs to all of us. It is being constructed and maintained FOR ALL OF US BY ALL OF US! Neighbors helping neighbors, just as it's always been in agriculture. We pool our skills and information. We all learn. We all become more successful.

It's going to take time to build AgriHelp, but with everyone's help it will evolve quickly into the site we want it to be. What can you do to help?

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AgriHelp is about to change the way you surf the Internet!

If you're like most of us, you've spent hours trying to find what you want. More than likely you've given up your search before finding it. In fact the information you've looked for may not even be on the Internet - at least not yet!

The goal of AgriHelp is to put all the truly useful agricultural information on the Internet at your fingertips. How? We'll do it together!

So before you "lose" us... Be sure to put AgriHelp in your Hotlist, Bookmarks or Favorite Places list.

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AgriHelp is provided for the worldwide agricultural community by MacKenzie & Associates, an agribusiness consulting company located in Santa Rosa, California. From L.J. MacKenzie's days operating a dairy farm, hog ranch, horse ranch and riding stables, and various agriculturally oriented recreational enterprises - to being a livestock dealer and USDA inspector - to the agribusiness planning, management, research, and computer services today, it is safe to say "agriculture is our life."

MacKenzie & Associates is committed to serving as the "central office" and "clearinghouse" for AgriHelp. We will continually search for new sources of information to include in AgriHelp, both on and off the Internet.

Costs for AgriHelp are underwritten by agribusinesses throughout the world. (lightingInquiries about sponsorshiplightning are always welcome!) Please be sure to tell our sponsors you saw them in AgriHelp on the World Wide Web.

Additional expenses are defrayed by folks like you who advertise "For Sale" items in our General Store. Be sure to visit the store often and if you have items for sale, don't forget to put them in the AgriHelp General Store.

Remember, your voice counts - your messages and questions determine the content of AgriHelp. We'd like to hear from you often!

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