Working/Herding Stockdogs

HCH Second Hand Rose, CGC, HX, OPs, HTD I, HRD II, STDS


Rose penning sheep
Photo by Stephanie Govin-Matzat


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Articles By Esther Ekman

Is There A Stock dog In Your Future?

Breeds of Working/Herding Stock dogs

Picking Your Special Pup, Part 1

Picking Your Special Pup, Part 2

Puppy Sit: Sure We Can Do That!

Buzz Words, Registration Pitfalls and Terms Used or Misused

Working Dogs, Colors, Registries and Other Strange Thoughts

Can American Kennel Club Registration Save a Herding Breed?
The history of the Australian Cattle Dog in the United States

sheep jumping fenceEsther Ekman's Australian Cattle Dog Legacy Spanning 39 Years

Working/Herding Dog Breeder's Directory

Articles by Margie Scott

Stock Dog Training Secrets
Part 1

Stock Dog Training Secrets
Part 2

Stock Dog Training Secrets
Part 3

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Single Articles

"Survival" by C. J. Petersen

Goin' to the Dogs

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Rescue Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs Needing Their Own Home and Family

Photos of Rescue Dogs at Work

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