Utilizing Your Land and Buildings
for Maximum Income

Begin by looking at alternative methods available to you for raising the various type of animals that may be all or part of your operation. Methods that utilize assets already available to you that do not increase your debt load can actually help you pay off your long term loans. If you rent or lease land over time, should you desire, you will have made sufficient money for a good size down payment on your own place and an income stream to pay it off.

In most agricultural operations, your most valuable resource is your land. It all comes down to what can the land do for you and what you can do for the land. Take care of your land and it will take care of you. It will reward you by maximizing your profits while reducing costs.

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"Forages, Volume I, Fifth Edition, An Introduction to Grassland Agriculture" &
"Forages, Volume II, Fifth Edition, The Science of Grassland Agriculture"

Land Survey

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Assessing Your Land for Opportunities

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